Functional Movement for Yogis

Online Courses

The course list for FMY is in progress!


The first offering is the 101 Intro course, and we are projecting to release advanced courses monthly starting in Spring 2019!


Best part about joining the FMY movement right now - you can be a part of it's evolution! if you have questions/Topics that you would like addressed/covered in future courses, please fill out the contact form below with your request!


This intro course is a great starting point to dive deeper into functional anatomy and biomechanics as they apply to the everyday yoga class.  This course will act as the foundation for further continuing education workshops that cover more specific topics.
  • To establish a deeper understanding of general biomechanics and movement patterns.

  • To filter out common misconceptions in the yoga and fitness communities.

  • To raise the bar for information about "WHY" yoga is physically beneficial.

  • To review how yoga can help today's human move with more integrity.

  • To review how yoga can help and also hurt when it comes to injury rehabilitation and prevention.

COST: $99