The practice of yoga can play an integral role in the quality and longevity of a person's movement health. When injuries, pain, and dysfunction are brought into the picture it can be difficult to navigate through the do's and don't's of a person's movement practices, whether on or off the mat. This is why Functional Movement for Yogis was born.  


To present information regarding functional movement and rehabilitation and their application to the practice of yoga in a non-dogmatic and open-minded environment.  We are here to help yoga professionals put it all together and apply their knowledge and passion to help people improve their lives.


Yoga courses and workshops that will elevate either your practice or your teaching and help you better engage with your practice and students through application of principles that align with current rehabilitative science and practices.  


Online courses allow you to learn at your own pace, on your own time. You can start with our intro course, and then choose to continue with our advanced courses to dive deeper into more specific topics and body region/joint discussions.