Dr. MaryAnne Harrington Dimak, DC, MS

Doctor of Chiropractic

M.S. Sports Science and Rehabilitation

M.S. Nutrition and Human Performance

HELLO!! Welcome to my site! I am glad you are here - and I hope to be able to help you achieve your goals! One of my greatest passions is to use my abilities to help others achieve their goals - but first - here's a bit about me: I am originally from Mitchell, South Dakota (home of the World's Only Corn Palace...look it up!), and I received my Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 

In the fall of 2008, I moved to Saint Louis, MO to pursue my degree in Chiropractic.  Within a few weeks, I realized that to be able to help others be healthy, I would first need to start with being healthy myself, and being overweight, inactive, and having poor eating habits - there was much work to be done.  Starting one lap around the track at a time (because that's all I could run!) and by learning how to cook food at home (starting with a chicken breast - that's hard to master!) I slowly began my transformation.  After months of training and eating real food, I was prepared to run my first half marathon in the spring of 2009.  Continuing in my journey I ran my second half marathon in August of 2009, approximately 10 months after my journey began, and I had lost 40 POUNDS! 

This is where the fun began.  People noticed my transformation - and they asked for help with theirs!  Throughout my time in chiropractic school I started helping people reach their goals, whether though weight loss, training for marathons, or eventually, through my skills as a chiropractor who specializes in rehabilitation.

I graduated Cum Laude from Logan College of Chiropractic in December of 2011.  In the two years following, I completed an M.S. in Nutrition and Human Performance and an M.S. in Sport Science and Rehabilitation. 

My goal is to keep a patient-centered focus, and I do my best to teach my patients how they can improve their movement, diet, and overall health - hoping to keep them doing the activities that they love to do as long as possible. 

A few other random facts:

*In September, my husband and I welcomed our first baby, Miss Madeline Jane into the world. 

My mama-hood journey has put the spotlight on so many issues that I have encountered over my years of working with mamas as a health professional and there are two things that I realize now more than ever that I want to change and they are:

#1 - The fragility mindset during pregnancy.

#2 - The lack of guidance for women on how to navigate their movement health postpartum.

Enter - @mamaknowsmovement and my focus on supporting mamas through their journeys!

*In 2011, I also completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training - because rehab and yoga can be so powerful together! I don't teach group yoga very often anymore, now you can find me teaching at local yoga teacher trainings or specialized workshops! 

*I'm grateful for my community and the opportunities I have found in it - especially the chance to be an ambassador for lululemon!  I've been an ambassador for their South Coast Plaza store since Jun of 2016!

*I am a lifelong learner and collector of certifications/alphabet soup after my name.  I hold certifications in: Active Release Technique (ART), SFMA, Webster Prenatal Technique, FMS, and Precision Nutrition (PN).


*I am the Director of a non-profit organization called Rehab2Performance (R2P) which has the goal of creating a community of rehab and fitness professionals with the best of the best in collaboration and education.

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Please contact me with any questions on how I can help you!